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You can easily create your own thesaurus in SpinnerChief and because the creation process is reciprocal (see video here for more detail) you can create your thesaurus very quickly.

You can share your thesaurus with others if you wish, through the SpinnerChief Thesaurus Exchange at http://thesaurus.spinnerchief.com

It is free to join and the registration process is simple. After you have registered it is very easy to upload your thesaurus and share it.

Now here is the exciting part. Not only can you share your thesaurus - you can sell it to other users. When you upload the thesaurus, you can put a price on it and other users will pay for it. We at SpinnerChief will take a small percentage of each payment to cover our costs, and you will be paid weekly for all sales.

Why Will People Pay For My Thesaurus? A good quality specialist thesaurus is very powerful asset. Have you created a foreign language thesaurus - such as French, German, Polish, Spanish or Portugese? If you think other users would benefit from it, why not sell it? Or maybe you have developed a specialist niche thesaurus - such as weight loss, bodybuilding or relationships - why not put your thesaurus to work generating money for you?

All you need to do is upload your thesaurus and then forget about it - if it's a good one, you will make money from it on autopilot! You don't need to do anything else, SpinnerChief users will come to the Thesaurus Exchange site to look for specialist niche and foreign language thesauruses, ready to spend cash on a good quality thesaurus.

We know from our reserach that there are thousands of foreign language and specialist niche potential customers out there, desperate to use YOUR thesaurus. Do you have one already? Why not join the SC Thesaurus Exchange NOW and upload your thesaurus to start earning cash immediately? If you don't have one, why not create one? Once it is created, the work is done - you can upload it and wait for the cash to come in!

Help To Create A Specialist Thesaurus
YOu can start off with the default thesaurus as a base for your new thesaurus, so all of the default synonyms and groups will already be in your new thesaurus. All you have to do is delete unwanted synonyms, and create new ones.

What If My Charged Thesaurus Is Illegally "Shared"?
It's not going to happen. Every downloaded paid thesaurus has to be authorised before it can be used, and it can only be used on one specific computer. If someone tries to share a thesaurus that they have downloaded from the Thesaurus Exchange, SpinnerChief will reject it except the free thesaurus.

What are you waiting for? There are already tens of thousands of SpinnerChief users, all of them are your potential customers, and there will be more and more.

Check out http://thesaurus.spinnerchief.com and get yourself registered. Then get your thesauruses uploaded and start earning cash!

Get more help and detail at our forum -http://forum.whitehatautomation.com/index.php?board=12.0

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