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Language: English
Creator: Putin
Category: General
Synonym group amount: 34329
Words amount: 319695
UploadTime: 2010/12/26 18:27:47
DownLoad times: 90
Description: Ok first, thanks SpinnerChief so much to give me this great software and also give me a great chance to make good money. I am a programmer too, I cracked the thesaurus from TBS and MAR and added them into SpinncerChief's default thesaurus..lol, used for myself before, really great! Now, I see maybe this is a good time to make good money with it :).

This thesaurus has many many synonym, every word has tens of synonym that means you can generate much more unique copies of articles. And now you really have all TBS synonym and much more :D
Charged $¥30.00
Serial ID: 20d3f3d

2010/12/26 19:25:23 | Anonymous | 32
Bought just now, exciting to try this thesaurus!

2010/12/27 11:35:45 | Anonymous | 34
OK, feedback! Really super :D, $30 is very worth! Thanks!

2010/12/27 16:21:14 | Jack | 35
Tested, I really don't need tbs now..lol! Well Done, Putin!

2010/12/27 17:09:57 | Putin | 37
SpinnerChief, Thanks so much AGAIN!!!

Got 5 happy customers less in 24 hours, my GOD!

Let's ROCK :D

2010/12/27 20:16:59 | Kenny | 38
Super! Bought! Waitting authorization.

2010/12/27 20:17:03 | Kenny | 39
Super! Bought! Waitting authorization.

2010/12/27 22:15:29 | Anonymous | 40
30$?Really can buy the TSB!

2010/12/27 22:46:13 | Putin | 41
In my opinion, SC is much better than TBS, SC has much more functions
and free! But I have to admit that TBS had more synonym, but now SC will
beyone tbs in this part too very soon. How great the idea is to
let users create/share/sell thesaurus !!!

2010/12/28 1:27:25 | Anonymous | 42
Bought, can't wait to test! Thanks for the cheap price..lol

2010/12/28 15:51:15 | Anonymous | 44
Come back to thank you! I love this one, make my work much more easier!

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